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Our trekking itineraries lead you through landscapes covered by deep gorges, jagged plugs, and striking rock towers and also you will have the chance to climb some of Africa’s highest peaks…
The Ethiopian highlands, blessed with a temperate climate and grand mountain scenery, offer superb trekking opportunities. Trekking in the remote isolated splendor of the Semien Mountains, the Bale Mountains, and the unique Surma is a breathtaking experience. Ethiopia is little known and little visited yet it is an amazing place to see. Ethiopia has a unique culture, complex history and some superb scenery – a wonderful experience for the truly adventurous traveler.
From the fertile highlands in the south through to the Seimen of the north, the landscape is extremely mountainous. Arguably, one of the most beautiful ranges in Africa is found here.

Trekking in the Semien Mountains National Park
As the name indicates, the ‘Semien’, which means ‘North’ in Amharic, is an area of highland country in the northern part of Ethiopia. The Semein mountains National park, which is one of the principal mountain massifs in Africa, is commonly known as the “Roof of Africa”. It has been declared as world heritage site by UNESCO.The marvelous scenery combined with the varied endemic plants, mammals, birds and the breathtaking environment make the area an ideal place of mountains trekking.

Trekking in the Bale Mountains National Park
In the Southeast part of the country, the Bale National Park is the largest area of Afro alpine habitat in the whole of Africa.
Bale Mountains is an area of high altitude plateau that is broken by numerous spectacular volcanic plugs and peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams that descend in the deep rocky gorges on their way to the lowlands below. It is home for various Endemic Birds and Endemic Animals.The Bale Mountains remain an untouched and beautiful world. Rising to a height of more than 4,000 meters, the range borders the southern highlands of Ethiopia. Mount Tullu Deemtu, the 2nd highest peak in Ethiopia, is 4,377 meters above sea level.

Trekking among the Omo Valley People
The remote south-west highlands, east and west of the Omo Valley where strong and colorful cultures complement the appeal of scenery, flora and fauna, is another site ideal for trekking and cultural interactions.:

Tour Code: DLE 023
Title: Trekking in the magnificent Semien Mountain national park.
Duration: 8 Nights/ 9 Days
Transportation: Flight and Drive
Highlights: Addis Ababa, Gonder, Sankaber, Semien Mountains national park

Day 1: Arrive in Addis Ababa.
On arrival at Bole International Airport Addis Ababa where you will be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel. O/N hotel.
Day 2: Fly Addis – Gondar and drive to Sankaber. (3,200m).
Morning airport transfer for flight to Gondar. On arrival drive 136 km north to Sankaber via Debark- the headquarters of the Simien Mountains National Park. Trek to the campsite enjoying the breathtaking scenery and seeing the endemic Gelada Baboon on the way. (1-2 hrs trekking). Overnight camping at Sankaber campsite (B, L,D).
Day 3: Sankaber – Geech. (3,550m).
Trekking time: 5 – 6 hrs. After breakfast trek from Sankaber to Geech through different terrains. Passing troops of Gelada baboon we enjoy outstanding views of the Geech Abyss and surrounding mountains. Lunch near the breathtaking Jinbar falls, which plunge 50 mtrs into the gorge. Continue through afro-alpine vegetation and Giant Lobelia on towards the campsite at Geech, passing some Amharic village on the way. Overnight camping at Geech (3500m) (B, L, D).
Day 4: Geech – Imetgogo. (3,923m) – Chenek. (3,600m).
Trekking time: ~ 7hrs. Today we will see spectacular scenery – perhaps the best in the Simiens. After breakfast, we start trekking to Imet Gogo, with outstanding views. We will have lunch on one of the highest mountains called Inatiye- 4070 M above sea level. Finally we descend to Chenek through the afro –alpine vegetarian. This area is the best place to look for the endemic Waliya Ibex. Overnight camping at Chenek (B, L, D).
Day 5: Chenek – Ambiko.
Trekking time: ~ 6 to 7 hrs. Early start to trek from Chenek to Ambiko, crossing the Bwahat Pass
(4200m). First sighting of Ras Dashen – Ethiopia’s highest point. Continue to Chiro
Leba appreciating the view points en route after lunch at Chiro-Leba, continue on to Ambiko to overnight. Overnight camping at Ambiko (B, L, D).
Day 6: Ambiko – Ras Dashen (4,535m) – Ambiko.
Trekking time: 7 to 9 hrs. Dawn start to ascend Ras Dashen. This challenging day of the trek taking around 5 hours to reach the summit. From the campsite, you will head up the valley to the small village of Mizma (3500m), from where you will climb steeply upwards, eventually reaching an impressive amphitheatre made up of three major buttresses of expanded rock, one of which is your goal, Ras Dashen. An easy scramble brings you to the summit Ras Dashen, the fourth highest peak in Africa (4535m). After taking in the impressive views descend to Ambiko. Overnight camping at Ambiko (B, L, D).
Day 7: Ambiko – Chenek.
Trekking time: 7 – 8 hrs. Trek back to Chenek enjoying the dramatic views, and looking for birds such as the Crowned Scraper Thrush, Siskins, Falcons and Kestrel. There is also a chance to see the rare Abyssinian wolf. Overnight Chenek campsite (B, L, D).
Day 8: Chenek- Gondar.
Driving time: 5 hours. In the morning we drive back to Gondar enjoying the picturesque scenery, passing some Falasha villages en route. Arriving in Gondar, we visit the Royal Compound with many majestic castles, known as ‘Africa’s Camelot’, We visit the ‘Bath of Emperor Fasilades’, and Debre Birhan Sillassie church (‘Trinity at the mount of light’) which is the finest of the Gonderine churches. Overnight: Goha Hotel or similar (B,L,D).
Day 9: Gondar – Addis.
Transfer to the airport for our flight to Addis, and go on a city tour including its museums, monuments, churches and markets. We drive up to Mount Entoto for a panoramic view of the city. In the evening, you will visit one of the best traditional restaurants of Addis to taste genuine Ethiopian cuisine and see some traditional dancing. Departure.

Tour Code: DLE 024
Title: Trekking in the magnificent Semien Mountain national park.
Duration: 16 Nights/ 17 Days
Transportation: Flight and Drive
Highlights: Addis Ababa, Bahir dar, Lake Tana Monasteries, Blue Nile falls, Gonder, Semien Mountains National Park.

Day 1: Arrive at Bole International Airport (Addis Ababa) and transfer to the Hotel.
Day 2: Transfer to the airport for your flight to Bahir Dar. In the afternoon visit the island monasteries on lake Tana. Overnight Hotel.
Day 3: Early morning visit the majestic Blue Nile falls. After lunch city tour of Bahir Dar. Overnight Hotel.
Day 4: Transfer to the Airport for your flight to Gondar. Visit the 17th C. castles, the Bath of Fasilades, Qusquam monastery and the icon-rich church of Debre Berehan Silassie. Overnight Hotel.
Day 5: Drive to Debark, proceed to Sankaber. Overnight camping.
Day 6: Trek to Geech enjoying the invigorating sight en-route. Overnight camping at Geech.
Day 7: Trek to Emet gogo. Camp at Chenek.
Day 8: Trek to Buahit and proceed to Ambiqua for camping
Day 9: Trek to Ras Dashen and trek back to Ambiqua for camping
Day 10: Trek to Arkwazeye, enjoying the scenery en-route. Camp at Sona.
Day 11: Trek to Mearebia for overnight camping.
Day 12: trek to Ansiya River and proceed to Hawaza and Mulit for camping.
Day 13: Early morning, trek to Adi Arkay and then drive to Axum. Overnight Hotel.
Day 14: After breakfast, visit the St. Mary church, stelaes, tombs, Museum and palace. Overnight hotel.
Day 15: Transfer to the Airport for your flight to Lalibella. Visit the magnificent rock-hewn churches. Overnight Hotel.
Day 16: Transfer to the airport for your flight back to Addis. Overnight Hotel.
Day 17: Sightseeing tour of Addis and in the evening transfer out to the airport for your departure back to home.

Tour Code: DLE 025
Title: Trekking in the magnificent Semien Mountain national park.
Duration: 18 Nights/ 19 Days
Transportation: Flight and Drive
Highlights: Addis Ababa, Jimma,Mizan Teferi,Tulgit,Majji,Adikas,Kormu,Bebeka.

Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa and transfer to the hotel.
Day 2: Fly to Jimma. O/N Hotel.
Day 3: Jimma to Mizan Teferi. Visit the people of Keficho, Yem and Bench. O/N Hotel.
Day 4: Tulgit. O/N Camping.
Day 5: Tulgit to Tum. O/N Camping.
Day 6: Tum. Visit the Dizi, Tishena, Surma and Zilmamo ethnic groups. O/N Camping.
Day 7: Trekking towards Majji. Visit different ethnic groups of the area. O/N Camping.
Day 8: Trek from Majji to Adikas. Trek through the land of the Dizi people. O/N Camping.
Day 9: Trek to arrive at Kormu. Visit the Chai ethnic group. O/N Camping.
Day 10: Trek from kormu to kibish through the land of Surma. O/N Camping.
Day 11: Surma. Visit the Surma people. O/N Camping.
Day 12: Kormu. Trek back to Kormu. O/N Camping.
Day 13: From Kormu trek to reach at Adikas. O/N Camping.
Day 14: Trek from Adikas and arrive at Tum. O/N Camping.
Day 15: Tum – Tulgit. O/N Camping.
Day 16: Tulgit to Bebeka. O/N Camping.
Day 17: Bebeka to Jimma. O/N Hotel.
Day 18: Jimma – Addis. O/N Hotel.
Day 19: Sightseeing tour of Addis and departure.