437Direct Link Ethiopia Tour and Travel organize perfect and cost effective educational and study tours for the international students & researchers to study the history, culture, anthropology, archaeological and biodiversity of Ethiopia all over the country.
We specialize in educational and study tours aiming to answer the needs of educational institutions and curious researchers who want to learn and have fun through research and educational trips. We hunt out important events for your students to participate in during their trip. We organize school trips which are more of educational in nature since we believe that outside classroom learning must be imparted to the students to prepare them for the future. We also have specially tailored programs for niche subjects like Architecture, Geology (Active volcano), Religion, Culture, History, Nature, Ethiopian Paintings, Ethiopian Music and Dances, Ethiopian Rock Churches in Ethiopia, etc., with specialized expert guides.
Planning an unforgettable student trip can be complicated but with our reach experience and exposure we’ll manage all the details and provide you with timely information and online tools to make the entire process clear, efficient, and organized. By taking the stress out of the process, your trip will be truly enjoyable for both you and your students.