Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples Day is a very colorful National Holiday in Ethiopia where you will find the whole nations (more than 83) celebrate the nations and nationalities equality in one place.This day is celebrated as a day on which the rights and equality of the Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples were fully restored and guaranteed under Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Constitution (FDRE), on December 8, 1995.On this day representatives of all Nations, Nationalities and Peoples are present during this grand festival. A cultural show case from Representatives of Nations Nationalities and Peoples of the nation is extremely colorful and totally attractive
Each year, Ethiopia celebrates the Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day with great enthusiasm and verve across the nation. Further, December 8 is becoming a symbol of peace, democracy, justice, tolerance, love and affection between and among Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia. It is also a demonstration of unity that embraces diversity, an expression of cultural religious, linguistic and ethnic multiplicity and where all Nations, Nationalities and Peoples bring the assets of their culture to one place; thus, on this day , multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi linguistic people gathered .